Set in the same world as Guard Duty and taking place prior, during, and after the events of its first season, this side story follows a frustrated commander of the UNSC Cosmo as he repurposes the ship’s training robots to serve in an actual mission alongside a Spartan IV.

Intro-Mind as Geff
Revoltge as Emery / Kazi
TheIdsStudios as Prim
EthanChaotic as Randy
Blankslate_GG as O’Brien
Speakonia as The Robots
Syp as Ignacio / Alana / Louie / Corvus / Riel / Jones / Collins

Written & Directed by Syp
Additional Machinimating by Revoltge
Original Music by Revoltge
WarGames Intro Theme & Guard Duty Outro Theme by Syp

This is a complete series edit of WarGames that you can watch between the first and second seasons of Guard Duty in place of the actual series. I tried editing it together like a little movie, make it more digestible and repurposed the first four shorts as a cold open. I think it worked out alright.