Welcome to Syp Productions, the umbrella name for my video projects previously known as Jcomix. As for me, I’m Syp The Mighty (SHE/HER), a creative Jill of all trades. My art and fan comics are archived on here, just to keep them with me since social media is unreliable these days. I also make original comics on Spite Box, my comic website where The Spite Box Show is also lifted from.

My fan works are usually based around Bionicle and Halo. No affiliation with The Lego Group or 343 Industries.

Upcoming Works
Rat’s Nest, a Halo machinima miniseries and prequel to Guard Duty.

Ongoing Works
Guard Duty (2011—2013; 2022—), a Halo machinima series.
WarGames (2013; 2022—), a Halo machinima series and offshoot of Guard Duty.
CLEG! (2022—), a video comic series lifted from the Spite Box webcomic of the same name.
Toa Shorts (2022—), a series of Bionicle stop motion skits.
Guard Duty Sides (2022—), a series of Halo machinima shorts based on Guard Duty.

Completed Works
Syp Shorts (2011—2014), a series of stop-motion, machinima, and live action videos.
Misguided (2011—2015; 2022), a Bionicle stop motion series.
Toa in Quarantine (2020), a Bionicle stop motion miniseries.

Archived Works
The Other Ones: The Original Series (2012—2013), a Bionicle puppet series.
Chief & Chief: The Full Series (2012), a Halo machinima series.
Major Malfunction: The Original Series (2012—2013), a Halo machinima series.
Major Malfunction: The Firelight Series (2012), a Halo machinima series.
06 Media (2013—2014), a channel that hosted a series of live action skits.
The Other Ones: The Lost Episodes (2013—2015), a Bionicle puppet series.
The Other Ones: The Sequel Series (2017—2019), a Bionicle puppet series.
Spite Box Video (2017—2022), a channel that hosted video comics and a series of animatic and stop-motion skits.