Syp Productions is the umbrella name for my personal creative projects established in 2011, having gone through numerous names including but not limited to Jcomix, Jamn Studios, Jamn Can, 06 Media, and BaltaSucks. As for me, Syp The Mighty (she/her), I am a creative Jill of all trades, but a master of none. I’ve mainly made fan works over the years, but I’ve been branching out into original projects, such as my comic website Spite Box, and I even have plans to make an original stop-motion series in the future.

My fan works are usually based around Bionicle, Halo, and Red vs. Blue. No affiliation with The Lego Group, 343 Industries, or Rooster Teeth. This is all independent.

Ongoing Works
Guard Duty (2011—present), a Halo machinima video series.

Upcoming Works
T.T. Noire, an upcoming Ellsworld fan comic miniseries. Story developed with and colors provided by Jax Beetle.

Completed Works
Syp Shorts (2011—2015), a sketch comedy series.
Finding Doc (2016), a Red vs. Blue fan comic.
Grif Does A Rescue (2017—2018), a Red vs. Blue fan comic.
Toa in Quarantine (2020), a Bionicle stop motion miniseries.
Beyond (2021—2022), a Red vs. Blue fan comic series.