Welcome to Syp Productions, the umbrella name for video projects created by Syp The Mighty (SHE/HER), a creative Jill of all trades and also me! My skill set includes writing, directing, editing, voice acting, stop-motion animating, machinimating, illustrating, and even some sound designing! Video making has been a great sandbox to really hone in on these, and I hope to learn even more the longer I keep at it!

Since 2023, my cousin Revoltge (HE/HIM) has joined me as co-writer for my videos. He previously wrote an episode of Guard Duty Sides in 2012! He has also voiced Emery in Guard Duty proper since 2012.

My personal art and comics are also archived on here, just to keep them with me since social media is unreliable.

Most video projects, such as The Syp Show and Guard Duty, are based on Bionicle or Halo. Despite this, I have no affiliation with The Lego Group or 343 Industries whatsoever. I am simply a fan. ^-^

Ongoing Projects

The Syp Show (2011—), a series of stop-motion and machinima comedy videos.
Guard Duty (2011—), a Halo-based machinima comedy series. Sides are short episodes featuring the same central characters outside of the main story. There is a wiki for this series.
Spite Box Comics (2015—), where my original webcomics are posted. Among these are CLEG, which is the basis for a series of video edits under the same name since 2022.

Completed Projects

Toa in Quarantine (2020), a Bionicle-based stop motion comedy miniseries.
WarGames (2013—2023), a Halo-based machinima comedy series spun-off from Guard Duty.
Misguided (2011—2014), a Bionicle-based stop motion comedy series.

Related Projects

Sandguardians (2011—), a Halo-based machinima comedy-drama series created by Intro-Mind. Since 2014, this series has featured Syp as the voice of recurring character Allan Delgado.
The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals (2010—), a Bionicle-based stop-motion comedy series created by TheIdsStudios. Since 2011, this series has featured Syp as the voice of various characters. Syp later co-wrote two episodes with series creator TheIdsStudios in 2014 and 2015 respectively.
06 Media TV (2012—2014), the home to comedy videos created by and starring Syp, Dazalaras, and Dagnarrow.
Major Malfunction II (2012—2013), a remake of the Halo-based machinima comedy series Major Malfunction. Its first two episodes were written by LizDanceTV with Syp and directed by Edward James, while its finale was solely written and directed by Syp, who also provided the voice of Jones once again.
Major Malfunction (2012), a Halo-based machinima comedy series created by Syp, Chron Aldazaar, MozzyWozzy, and LizDanceTV, with a logo designed by Corvaeraas. It was written by all four co-creators and directed by Syp, who also provided the voice of Jones. This series was retroactively made canonical to Guard Duty with its characters appearing in the final two episodes of WarGames.